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Agency managers who are looking for an excellent source of a pre-retirement seminar for their employees need to take note of the following information.

NARFE is turning its knowledge and skills toward current Federal employees and now offers pre-retirement seminar programs for Federal employees who are nearing retirement. NARFE contracts directly with Federal agencies to provide pre-retirement seminars for the individual agency’s employees. The seminars can be held on-site at any Federal agency nationwide. Agencies should contact NARFE for price information and available discounts.

As Agency managers, you can now introduce your employees to the information that they need to plan, prepare for and enjoy their retirement. NARFE’s nationwide pre-retirement seminar program provides employees with what they need to know before they retire, when there is still a chance to do something about problems, rather than trying to fix an unsolvable matter after the fact.

The program is a one-day seminar that covers benefits available to Federal employees as a result of their employment with the Federal government. This program discusses employees’ rights and responsibilities under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS), the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), the Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Program, the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP), the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), the Federal Employees Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCP) and Social Security.

Federal employees who attend this seminar will learn about:

·        The eligibility requirements for retirement under CSRS and FERS

·        How civilian and military service is credited for retirement, and the rules for paying any necessary deposits and redeposits.

·        The options for electing survivor benefits for spouses or former spouses.

·        How CSRS and FERS annuities are computed.

·        The rules for continuing FEHBP coverage as a retiree and how to assure that spouses can continue FEHBP as survivor annuitants.

·        The rules for continuing FEGLI coverage into retirement and the different opportunities that are available to retirees.

·        The coordination of CSRS and FERS benefits with Social Security and other impacts on income.

·        Retirees' options with respect to the TSP.

·        The steps each employee should take leading up to the date of his or her retirement.

The seminar presenters are highly experienced pre-retirement seminar veterans and the presentations are in a Power Point format, which will focus the attention of the audience. Each Federal employee who attends a seminar will be provided with his or her own training manual, in which he or she can make notes and later use for reference. Spouses are welcome to attend at no additional cost, but must share the training manual with the employee spouse.

For more information about this program or if you have leads to any Federal agency Human Resource Manager or Training Manager you can contact the pre-retirement seminar presenters for the Region X which includes these states; Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia and Virginia. 


Contact: Paul E Sams
86 Pine Lake Dr.
Whispering Pines NC 28327-9373
Phone:  910-949-3357

Herschel and Diane Taylor have stepped down from the Pre-Retirement Seminar Program. They did an excellent job and brought in many new members.



Mary Pierson
National Coordinator
4003 Glover Street
Gulfport MS 39507-3918

Phone:  228-863-1484


For a list of presenters for Federal agencies in other regions of the nation click here.  

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