If your chapter would like your own website. I will be willing to assist one of your members in creating it, getting it on the internet and keeping it up to date.

I can also do the work for you if you supply me the information about your particular chapter. I am doing this as a service to NARFE chapters in Tennessee for a very low cost compared to the normal charges for maintaining a website.

I can set up a website with a separate domain name for the low cost of only $8.00 per month billed 6 months at a time. Or if a chapter is too small to afford that, I can group a website with another for the cost of $3.50 per month billed 6 months at a time. These are bargain rates.

The above costs includes the domain name, web hosting, and email addresses for your officers if you choose to use them.

For more information contact me:

Ronnie Collins
118 Ballenger Rd.
Carthage TN 37030

615-735-2486 home phone
615-489-7796 cell phone

email:  webmaster@narfetn.org