APRIL 2006 - APRIL 2007
Chapter 0108
Lloyd Ledbetter
Wallace D Allison
Willa Maxine Craig
Dorsie R Guthrie
Dorothy R Lingerfelt
Mary L O’Kelley
Henry J Coy
Charles F Planzer
Chapter 0227
Kenneth G Abraham
Arleen Baghoian
John Cantrell
Ralph R Chitty
Billy Joe Davis
Cecelia B Evans
William H Highers
James T Riley
Martin B Thompson
G W Turner
William C Witherspoon
Rose Zager
Chapter 0324
Gertrude B Toncray
June S Capps
Robert F Johnson
Thad A Snapp
Merle D Michael
Ruby Hurst
Margaret Roberts McCartt Miller
Mary P Willett
Dorothy M Frandlin
Martha Crookshanks
Chapter 0519
Aaron Lee Boren
George B Patterson
Ruby Wood
Alfred Boyd
Chapter 0727
Dorothy Grantham
Glynn Daniel
Inez Caine
Josephine Waggoner
Chapter 0859
Rich Harris
Helen Pye
Anna Mae Lee
Bobby Crews
Elizabeth Tune
Beatrice Norton
Barbara Gilpatrick
Sue Durham
Chapter 0861
Edna Covington
James M Major
Selby B Murray
Chapter 0870
Alene Bagwell
Sarah Brysant Goetz
Billy L Gulledge
Flora Gregg
Chapter 0834
Irene Sutton
Mary W Shell
Walter E Hammer
Meredith Roberts
Joe E Durham
Ernestine S Short
Chapter 0883
Cliff Jenkins
Myra W Price
Fred J Sackleh
Ronald Barebo
Chapter 0956
Marie C Style
Chapter 1382
Henry L Evans
Billie E Parrott
Douglas Lollar
Margaret Stultz
Eunice Dawson
Chapter 1576
Leo Potts
Dennis Bowman
Claude Owen
Chapter 1603
Clyde Thompson
Chapter 1636
Aldon M Sentell
Thelma C Criner
Sue Steen Evans
Chapter 1678
Troy F Carr
Chapter 1733
Earl F Eaton
Chapter 1845
William Earl Graham
Dan Allan Claxton
John Bowers
Dorothy Stout Duke
Chapter 1956
Sam Bacon
Evelyn E Martin
Mary Madewell
Jessie Fuson
Chapter 1968
Lois M Peterson
Douglas E Lollar
Margaret F Stultz
Henry L Evans
Florence P Barrett
Russell B Pridemore
Chapter 2133
Arnold L Mignery
Louise S Moore